Gary, Indiana

The Mundane Status Quo

Gary is situated on the east side of Chicago, and was once a fairly prosperous industrial area. In the early ‘70s, however, the steel industry fled abroad, and the city was left with no tax base. Thing spiraled downward and the area today lost nearly 50% of it’s population. Gary is possibly the most dismal and decaying city in the nation.

The Supernatural Status Quo

The Kindred of Gary frequently go to Chicago for fun, but they are severely harassed by the Kindred of Chicago. The prince of Chicago claims greater Chicago of his domain, but accepts Modius as a lieutenant, while Modius is strident in declaring that he is the Prince of Gary, not one of Lodin’s lieutenants. They hate each other and have not met in years.

Important Neighborhoods:

  • The Wasteland: A huge tract of rusting and decaying factories known as the Wasteland stretches along most of the waterfront and east of the dockyards. It is bordered by lake Michigan to the north and the Indiana East tollway to the south. From the highway, it is all too easy to see the devastation, all eight milkes of it. Flakes of rust cover everything in the Wasteland, and drums of toxic waste can be found everywhere. The federal government once attempted to track down the ex-owners and force a cleanup, but they were unable to locate any who still lived in the United States. These steel millks, factories and warehouses were once thriving economic centers; now they are almost completely abandoned except for the presence of a number of street gangs who use the empty buildings as their bases of operations. It is thought that some of the anarchs from Chicago also have a meeting place in the wasteland. It is difficult to know for sure what lies in the Wasteland, since not even the police dare enter it anymore.
  • Dockyards: Ocean vessels can reach Gary via the St. Lawrence Seaway. Almost all of the ship cargo bound to and from Chicago is unloaded in Gary. The docks are almost the only source of employment in Gary in these hard times. However, they are not even located in Gary, but are found in the Chicago suburb of East Chicago, which Modius also claims.
  • Gary Exports Co.: This company operates a highly successful smuggling venture (mostly drugs and guns) which will transport vampires on the side. Passengers are placed in a specially-built container, and then loaded on board a freighter. Customs inspectors are bribed not to look in the container and the vampires get off in another country at night – all without ever seeing the light of day.
  • The Auction: Each Saturday night, a ghoul named Williams holds an auction in an abandoned church – human beings are the commodities for sale. It is a slave auction, of a sort not seen for over 100 years. Men, woman and even children are sold. Most often they are street people rounded up by William’s men, but sometimes they are kidnapped form their homes. All of them are tranquilized so as to make less trouble. Many Kindred from Chicago come to the auction to acquire vessels which suit their peculiar tastes more easily.

Gary, Indiana

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